Experience Days for Rural and Craft Skills

Dry stone Walling/ Hedging
Work with Martin Stallard, professional Dry Stone Waller near Totnes and other sites

Two day courses with a CDP certificate on completion.  Please contact us for further details.

Boundaries – Fencing and Gate construction
Work with Devon Rural Skills constructing all different types of fencing

A Day on a smallholding
Have a day at the amazing Husbandry School, learning about animal husbandry, growing your own food – take one of their ‘Dirt to Dinner’ courses.

Be a dairy farmer for the day
See how much milk a cow gives per day, learn why one cow giving the same amount can earn twice as much as the other!  Learn about livestock breeding and milk recording. Join a Pedigree Master breeder and his partner on the farm.

Keeping Chickens and other Poultry
Spend a day at The Husbandry School learning about poultry, about the rules and regs surrounding egg production, and depending on the time of the year, breeding from incubators.

A Horticulture Day
Spend a day on one of several country estates where you can learn the ins and outs of landscaping and horticulture.

Landscaping and Garden Maintenance
Learn about the workings and meet the staff of a famous garden, on this beautiful estate.  Learn about how it came about and the sculptures!!!

Tractor Driving and Machinery Maintenance
Have a great day with the staff of this agricultural college  learning all the ins and outs of tractors and safety issues.

craft-skils-photoCRAFT SKILLS

  • Rural skills
  • A day with a Silversmith, jewellery maker
  • Learn to Weave – Wonderful Weaving Looms – know your weft from your warp
  • Basket making – practical items for you make
  • Country Furniture Construction –   PICTURE
  • Creative Writing – become a budding author